Why Skiing Makes a Great Holiday

If you’re feeling a bit jaded with city breaks and ‘del sol’, drenched resorts, there’s one thing that will truly invigorate you: snow. And I don’t just mean watching it fall from the warmth of your arm chair, or the slushy brown stuff you see on your way home from work. I mean booking a ski chalet and taking to the slopes.

If your only experience of skiing is watching the Winter Olympics, you might be thinking that it’s an activity reserved for elite athletes. Granted, it’s fantastic exercise, but you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy it. Europe has a deep skiing tradition coupled with warm hospitality that’s just begging to be enjoyed.
All resorts offer expert instruction on gentle beginner slopes. There you’ll learn sound technique before graduating to the mountain.

If you have a fear of the cold, ski clothing is designed to keep you warm and dry, and with all the falling down and getting up to try again, you might even break a sweat. If you’re considering your first ski holiday, it’s better to rent equipment while you’re getting a taste for the sport. All resorts offer equipment hire and expert advice from people who ski themselves.

Children are especially welcomed and with kids classes at every resort, they often master the basics quicker than adults.
Accommodation varies, but you’ll generally find that chalets offer comfortable bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom – in some cases en suite in every room – a log fire and TV with DVD player. Ideal for families. Basic accommodation in Europe is required to be of a good standard and while you do get what you pay for, cheap prices don’t mean dirty sheets and cockroaches. As with most holidays, you have the choice of a catered chalet or a self catering chalet within a resort town, just a short walk from the local gastronomy.

What do ski chalet breaks offer?
  • A comfortable and well equipped chalet – a home away from home.
  • Equipment hire
  • Lessons with qualified instructors in Alpine (downhill) and Nordic (cross country) techniques.
  • A variety of slopes to challenge your skiing abilities.
  • Friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere.
What should you pack for your first ski holiday?

Thermals: Even though you are doing a physical activity, a good base layer will help you retain the warmth you’ve generated and keep you body temperature constant.

Sun block: You don’t usually associate sunburn snow, but just as UV rays reflect off water, they also reflect of the glistening snow, leaving you will a sun burnt face. Lips are especially vulnerable and can be painful when exposed to icy winds. Sunglasses or goggles are also useful. Goggles can be rented along with other equipment.

Wherever you decide to choose to go for your ski chalet breaks, the cold mountain air will be invigorating, the welcome warm, the food hearty, the scenery beautiful and you’ll return home fresher and fitter than when you arrived.

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