Koninginnedag - Queen's Day

There's never a bad time to visit the Netherlands, as tens of thousands of visitors a year can attest, but if you've got the chance, Queen's Day in April 30th is an event not to be missed! The official celebration of Queen Beatrix's birthday (whose real birthday falls on January 31st), this day is packed full of exciting and colourful events, from the freemarkets all over the country, quite similar to large scale car boot sales, to the open air concerts all over the main cities.

In a city that boasts one of Europe's most acclaimed nightlife, Queen's Night in Amsterdam is an unforgeable experience that will keep you on your feet all night long!

And while you're in the Netherlands, why not take the opportunity to get out of the city and tour the countryside? Pick up a car hire in Amsterdam and explore the region, admiring the colourful fields of tulips that grace the landscape at this time of year! Remember that with Auto Europe's App for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can book your car hire on the go, wherever you are!

Literary Easter - Remembering Shakespeare

April is possibly the best month out of the year to visit Shakespeare's hometown, just in time for the Bard's birthday celebrations! Drive a car hire to Stratford-upon-Avon and join the revelers as they walk the streets of Stratford dressed in period costumes to lay flowers on Shakespeare's tomb or toast the famous author's immortal glory over his birthday luncheon!

The RSC will perform a play at the Royal Shakespeare Threatre in the evening, but several other companies, amateur and professional, put up performances throughout the day! Take the opportunity to visit the house where William Shakespeare was born or Anne Hathaway's cottage.

And while you're in the area, why not drive your car hire to Birmingham for a day in the big city? Easter doesn't have to be all about bunnies and Easter eggs. This year, dare to be different ;)

Easter Around the World - Seville

Seville's Easter celebrations are some of the most characteristic around the world, boasting several events throughout the Holy Week that are bound to astound and marvel visitors. Tourists flock to the city during this time of year, drawn by the ancient traditions that go back to the Middle Ages.

See the procession of pasos and admire the wooden sculptures which depict scenes from the Passion, some of them quite ancient and of artistic merit. There are over 60 processions during the week, but the ones not to miss are the ones on Holy Thursday, when eerie cloaked figures fill the night of Seville in order to arrive at the Cathedral on the dawn of Good Friday.

While you're in the area, why not pick up a car hire in Seville and tour Andalusia? Discover Cadiz, explore Granada or drive your car hire to Malaga for a dip in the ocean! For all that it's only early spring, Spanish weather is generous and the Mediterranean waters already start to seem inviting! Beat the tourist crowds and enjoy the luxury of having the Costa del Sol beaches all to yourself!

Long Weekend Bliss

With the announcement of an extra bank holiday on April 29th for occasion of Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding, you have the perfect excuse for a four day escapade! Make the most of the springy weather and set off to Southern Europe. It's still too early in the season for the tourist crowds to have already  flocked to the southern regions in a sort of migratory circuit yearly repeated, but the weather is inviting enough that you might even be tempted to go for a swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Pick up a car hire in Nice and tour the French Riviera, stopping by Cannes or Menton or even taking a trip to Monaco. If you prefer the Portuguese sun to its Gallic counterpart, picking up a car hire at Faro Airport will let you explore the amazing beaches of the Algarve and find out for yourself exactly what makes them such fabulous destinations! Don't wait any longer to start planning your mini-holidays! ;-)

Spring Time in Europe

Easter Time is the perfect time to explore Southern Europe, before the big crowds rush to all the popular tourist spots. For those on a budget, picking up a car hire in Spain for a week is a great way to save money, specially when travelling in a group. Hostels are also a great option for saving money, but camping might prove cheaper and will allow you to make the most of the absolutely fabulous Mediterranean weather.

Drive your car hire to Mallorca, discover Barcelona or watch the bull figths in Sevilla. Whatever your preference, your car hire will allow you the freedom to tailor your holidays to your own tastes. With exclusive Auto Europe's App for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch , you can even book your car hire on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want!

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