Secret Beaches Around the World

Secret Beaches
Beach holidays are beloved by nearly everyone--which can make finding an uncrowded shore nearly impossible at times. If you want to book cheap holidays that are on secluded and isolated beaches, visit one of these top secret beaches found across the globe.

Punta Malentis, Sardinia: You may have heard of the famed Sardinian beaches, and wonder how this one could be isolated. With so many beaches on the island, this one lacks the major amenities many beach-goers need. However, if you're happy just to enjoy the incredible natural scenery and have a secluded day on a white sandy shore, Punta Malentis is the ideal spot. Rocks over 15 meters in height surround the private beach, and shelter it from crowds.

Whale Island,Vietnam: This beautiful Vietnamese beach is a unique destination that won't soon be forgotten. The best place in the country to see whales and go snorkeling, the entire beach is often deserted, save for a few coconut trees. Without a plethora of
cheap hotels, Whale Island is accessible by boat from the town of Nha Trang, and the only place to stay overnight on the entire island is a single building that offers accommodation and food.

Trang, Thailand: Although Thailand is home to several popular and popular beaches, Trang remains one of the least visited in the country. And even if there are a few like-minded visitors when you're there, the shoreline is long enough to accommodate plenty of people. In fact, with the sandy shores stretching almost 200 kilometers in length, you can easily spend the day without seeing a single person! Enjoy clear blue waters and sandy shores in complete isolation on Trang.

New Chums Beach, New Zealand: To get to this incredible destination, you will have to work for it! A 40 minute hike is required from a nearby more popular beach. This short walk means that few beach-goers make the journey, leaving the spoils of the white sandy shore to the dedicated few. A horseshoe shaped beach is protected by tall trees, sheltering the area and creating an incredible cove that looks like a lost world. Enjoy seclusion and privacy, only a short walk from beach amenities.

Praslin Island, St Lucia: In order to get to this isolated and peaceful destination, you will need to take a short boat ride from Praslin Village. The short trip is certainly worth it, and you will be rewarded with a stunning shoreline and plenty of hiking paths to enjoy. Rarely do any visitors come to the beach, and your most likely companions with be the abundant birds that call to one another at dusk.

TGV + Car Hire = Best option in Europe!

Europe is a fantastic place to visit either for a few months or just a few weeks. Getting around all of the different countries is made easy by its train system. It is true that you may miss many great attractions by taking the train; so why not split up your journey by hiring a car also! France is a country definitely worth exploring by car; you can stop by historic towns or head for the lively cities. You can return a car hire in Gare de Lille Europe station and from here get the high-speed Eurostar and TGV services that will take you through to Belgium and the Netherlands! Book both your car hire and train services before you depart for your travels; it saves waiting around and wasting valuable holiday time!
Brussels; the city of Jazz & Beer!

Every August Brussels springs to life with the sound of jazz music! Down in the heart of the city you will find a place called ‘Music Village’, it is hear that you can tap your feet to the beat of fantastic live jazz acts from around the world! Start planning your musical trip now and book a car hire in Brussels-South station, that way you can travel in style to your accommodation and visit a few attractions along the way! If you stay extends into the month of September then you can enjoy the famous Belgian Beer Weekend; sampling the brew from different breweries located across the country.

Spain's largest food fight: La Tomatina Festival !!

Take part in possibly the largest food fight ever, ‘La Tomatina Festival’!  People from all over the globe flock to the town of Bunol, near Valencia, to throw tomatoes at each; doesn’t that just sound fantastic! The juicy ripe tomatoes are thrown either by hand, water cannons, or catapults; in short any kind of throwing device will do! After the experience you can travel in a car hire to Malaga and soak up the Spanish cultural or relax from all the tomatoes throwing. After you have explore the city sights you can easily return your car hire in Malaga Airport and head back home. If you are looking for more UK traveller’s advice then read our great blogs.

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