Unusual Days Out on UK Tours

It’s fair to say that today’s traveller is looking to do something outside of the normal tourist traps. UK tours that just encompass the usual hotspots are somewhat passé, travellers now want to get off the beaten track, experience something a bit out-of-the-ordinary.
If you are sick-to-death or plain don’t fancy Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle or Buckingham Palace, then why not embark on one of these more unusual days out, when you’re out and about in theUnited Kingdom.
1.       Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island is about as ‘dawn sarf’ (down south) as you can get in the United Kingdom. The largest island off the county of Dorset is a hidden treasure in the UK, as well as being a destination that many tourists will overlook or miss.

The picturesque island is notable for being the first camp of the Boy Scout Movement in 1907, and was also used to confuse Nazi air bombers during World War 2.

2.       Go Ape 
If you’re looking for something a little more exhilarating then a day out to an island, then why not take your partner or your family to Go Ape. Go Ape is a self-defined ‘tree top adventure’.

You’ll use ladders, walkways, bridges, tunnels and rope to negotiate your way across the tops of various UK forests, all under the supervision of an expert instructor of course! It’s great fun, and the views aren’t too bad either.

There are 27 Go Ape courses all over the country, so no matter what route your UK tours are heading in, there is a high chance you’ll be able to factor in this pulse racing activity.

3.       The Dog Collar Museum
Strange as it sounds, this place actually exists! Currently exhibiting at the Leeds Castle in Kent, this collection of rare, historic and fascinating dog collars is a must for all dog lovers and indeed, history lovers. The collection spans five centuries and contains some of the most unusual dog collars you will have ever seen!

This truly is an unusual day out for any UK tours party – for more ideas on days out when travelling keep an eye on UK travel news.

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