Tie the knot in Tuscany – or thereabouts…

Rome, Venice, Florence – just saying the names of these wonderful Italian cities makes us think of art, good food, couture and, ultimately, romance.
So it’s fitting that when it comes to planning your dream wedding abroad that Italy, with its lemon groves, stunning sunsets, dreamy vineyards and Tuscan hills features right up there as one of the main contenders for the top spot.
However, although getting married in a foreign country is wonderful and often adds to the romance of your special day, the preparation for the event is no picnic. There’s certainly laws you have to consider for instance in certain countries such as France and Portugal they’ll expect you to have been resident there for at least 30 days prior to your nuptials. Happily in Italy there is no such law however you WILL need an official Italian interpreter for the vows.
You can check what paperwork you’ll need by contacting the appropriate embassy (i.e. that of your own country) in Italy.

Getting there

If you’re the type who keeps an eye on the travel news then you’ll know that, thanks to the the onset of budget airlines, it’s never been easier – or cheaper - to touch down on Italian soil regardless of where in the country your planned destination is.
Car hire is also available for driving around those Tuscan hills or the Riviera while ItaliaRail – the national railway is reliable and won’t break the bank.


Remember, being a Mediterranean country it becomes extremely hot during the most intense summer months of July and August. November to March can also be problematic due to the rain. That leaves May, June and September as the most popular months for tying the knot so bear this in mind when it comes to booking your reception.


You can have a religious wedding ceremony in Italy, provided you’ve had a civil one first. Roman Catholics have no such restriction as the Italian authorities regard catholic ceremonies as legally binding. Those who opt for just a civil ceremony won’t be disappointed by the splendour and atmosphere of the Registry Offices in Italy which often double as historical attractions.


You can imagine just how many gorgeous little restaurants and pavement cafes there are in Italy. However, for large-scale receptions it’s often better to look for one of the larger hotels such as the Holiday Inn who specialise in Matrimoni Sale (or wedding halls). Here they’ll also take care of the music, entertainment and catering for you, including the cake (and in Italy of course, the food is a main event in itself).
Booking your reception in a popular hotel means it’s also easy for your guests to simply troop upstairs to their rooms after celebrating with you.


One of the most romantic spots of all is Venice where there’s always the possibility of your brand new nearest and dearest serenading you on a Gondola. Then again, a Tuscan farmhouse is hard to beat for sheer idyllic contentment. For beauty and elegance there’s the Italian Riviera. Need we go on?

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