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Good news! Winter is almost here. Temperatures dropped and snow already fell in some skiing areas. The new ski season is ahead of us now and we can’t wait to hit the slopes of the world again. However, a new ski season means new ski gear and fashion. Have everything you need for your next skiing holidays.

Let’s start with ski goggles and helmets, because safety is the most important thing when skiing or snowboarding. A few brands have specialised in that area like Giro, a Californian brand that focuses on safety and style. Giro helmets are either hardshell or in-mold construction: hardshell being cheaper but made up of a durable plastic shell that will efficiently protect your skull, while in-mold construction combines a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet’s impact-absorbing foam liner which make it lighter and better ventilated. On top of that you can find them both in different colours and styles that will go with your ski outfit.

The Swedish brand POC also provides great helmets in flashy colours. All the helmets have been tested by the top sport athletes which is a proof of quality.

Once you have the helmet, you need the right goggles. Smith Optics specialises in eye protection and offers trendy goggles to choose from. No doubt you will find the right ones for next winter.

Ski clothing is as essential as safety. Famous brands such as Quicksilver have kept their new collection secret for now, but we noticed new ski fashion trends in other retailers. The technology is improving, and jackets can now be equipped with a watch, a compass or even a weather indicator. You don’t believe us? Rossignol did it. But that’s not all, the brand Voelkl imagined and created a new clothing line made up of Sympatex material. It fits your body perfectly, whilst allowing it to breathe, and last but not least, it is biodegradable!

More ski fashion is on the way now but with that selection of brands you already have an idea of what to get for your next ski holidays, for sure!

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