How to Stay Connected Online when you’re Travelling Overseas

If you spend any amount of time travelling, either for business or pleasure and sometimes both, then there’s never been a greater need to stay connected on the move. With the plethora of gadgets now available, getting online pretty much wherever you go is cheaper and easier and hugely convenient too.

Unfortunately though, if you’re going overseas then mobile broadband might prove more expensive to use or possibly not work at all. So, in that respect, how do you stay online when you’re trekking around Europe? Well, it’s actually easier than you might think and the reason is WiFi. Now that wireless broadband is prevalent across most of Europe, it’s now pretty straightforward to tap into its charms.

One of the best things about the UK, for example, is its large number of WiFi hotspots. Many of these are located in restaurants and traditional pubs, which means that you can have a drink or a meal and catch up on your online activities all at the same time. In many cases, using the WiFi is free, although you may be required to buy a coffee or something as a gesture of goodwill; it’s pretty much commonplace to see holidaymakers and backpackers with their mini laptops at a table enjoying a latte and happily tapping away on their mobile device.

All the benefits

Another bonus with going down the wireless route, as compared to using a mobile broadband signal, is that the speed and efficiency is usually much better. If you’re a business professional who needs to get work done, or even just a regular tourist who wants to upload holiday pictures to the web, then this is a quick and easy way of getting the job done.

If you really don’t want to do without a mobile broadband supply, which might be the case if you think you’re going to be travelling in an area that doesn’t have wireless hotspots, then consider a local SIM card option. Simply buy a pay as you go mobile broadband dongle and SIM package when you get to your destination and this should keep you connected when you’re in those more remote locations.

Another angle

However, many of us also travel with other people, which often means that they’ll also want to enjoy the benefits of being able to stay connected to friends and family. And now they can, thanks to a device called the MiFi. This works in much the same way as a home wireless router, and distributes the available mobile broadband signal to up to five authorised users.

This is obviously a real boon if you’re travelling with work colleagues or family members. So you can all upload your photos, email loved ones and update you’re social pages with your latest ‘I am here’ photos. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that data allowances are divided up between users, so be sure that you buy a package that supplies enough of a quota to meet the needs of your fellow travellers. Nevertheless, having a MiFi with you on your travels means instant internet for everyone.

Guest post contributed by Rob Clymo, from, the online consumer portal where you can click to compare cheap netbooks, tablets and smartphone choices to keep you connected to mobile internet on the move.

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