Experience the north of the UK with a city break

Although a large proportion of tourists coming to Britain probably think London is the only city worth seeing, northern cities like Leeds and Manchester have so much to offer and should not be forgotten.  With a wide range of shopping locations, cultural hotspots and loads more, here are a few ideas on where to go to get the most from your northern city break.

Things to do
With the Yorkshire Dales merely a stones-throw (or short train ride away), Leeds is perfectly situated if you do want to take a trip out, but there is also something for everyone in the city centre. For culture seekers Leeds has several options; art lovers will find The Henry Moor Institute and The Leeds Art Gallery which houses a world class selection of 20th Century pieces, both situated on The Headrow. Leeds City Museum is a great place to visit for those interested in history and is perfect for a rainy day, along with The Royal Armouries which has a stunning collection of weaponry from all the ages.
Manchester also offers up a plethora of cultural and historical sites for you to visit. The Museum of Science and Industry is great for children and adults alike with lots of hands on exhibitions, along with the Imperial War Museum in Salford Quays and its striking architecture. The city also has several brilliant art galleries, the largest of these being Manchester Art Gallery on Mosley St and The Lowry, named after the famous painter who came from the city. Manchester has a thriving independent culture scene and smaller galleries The Whitworth and Corner House are both worth searching out.
Leeds City Museum

Both Manchester and Leeds have some of the best shopping locations in the country and it is easy to lose a whole day just wandering round. Leeds’ Victoria Quarter is home to high fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Reiss as well as department store Harvey Nichols. Smaller boutiques can be found dotted around such as Each To Their Own.
The Northern Quarter in Manchester is a thriving community of independent record, clothing and art shops as well as some fantastic bars which we’ll get on to in a moment. Oi Polloi offers some incredible quality menswear that you won’t find anywhere else and Oklahoma is brilliant for those who like things a bit kitsch!

Bars and Clubs
The nightlife in these two cities is vibrant and ranges from alternative bars playing host to the best local talent to huge clubs with the latest dance music from around the world. Some of the best DJs in the world come to play at Leeds venues including Halo, which is a nightclub inside a converted church and The Cockpit attracts some of the biggest bands in existence. Those in-the-know head to Nation of Shopkeepers, where you can hear the freshest bands and electronic music from the cutting edge of the scene.

Similarly in Manchester, big clubs like Area 51 and Tiger Tiger attract the masses and big names, but the real gems are to be found in the smaller locations in the Northern Quarter and down Oxford Road. Hit and Run at the Mint Lounge is for the hardier electronic music fan and is always a late one, but a good one.  
Next time you’re considering a city break, think about Leeds and Manchester as you could be missing out on something amazing!

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